High quality grey-green slate, with a flat surface and pleasing grey shade variations. Can be relied upon to create an attractive and long lasting roof or floor. Has virtually no unstable minerals such as pyrites, graphite, carbon and un-oxidised irons and will withstand the most severe weather conditions. Unaffected by sunlight, ultraviolet light and even acid rain.


Origin Papagaios, Brazil
Size (cm) 40 x 20 40 x 25 50 x 25 50 x 30 60 x 30
Thickness (mm) 5, 7, 9
Product Range FIRST

Test Results

Water Absorption Complies W1 0.40%
Contents of Carbonate Complies 0.1%
MOR Characteristics Longitudinal 52 MPA
SO2 Exposure Test S1
Thermal Cycle Test T1

Technical Specification

European Standard EN 12326

Slatescape Grey-Green

Brazilian Grey-Green Slate